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Wall Art Prints NZ

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Looking for wall art prints and kids' artworks? Check out our collection at Art Canvas NZ. We provide museum-quality canvas printing, made right here in New Zealand.

We have a whole range of digital art prints available at exclusive offers. Check out our online store to find out what we offer.

Kids art works NZ

Wall Art NZ

Get a custom canvas print ready for your kid's room here at Art Canvas NZ. Our fully customisable canvases are made in New Zealand. You can change the image, wording, colours, size, and layout to suit your child.

Music canvas prints

Who is your favourite musician? Everyone has one (or many) musical artists that they love. Here at Art Canvas, we offer stunning digital artworks of famous musicians stylised by New Zealand artists.

Prints of such creative icons on your wall will surely foster inspiration in your living space. Some of the artists we have prints of include:

  • Tupac
  • The Notorious BIG
  • Mac Miller
  • Nipsey
  • N.W.A.
  • J Cole
  • Rihanna

Sportspeople prints

Channel greatness with one of our prints of famous sportspeople. We offer some incredible digital artworks of some of the best moments and people in sport. An image of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or  Muhammad Ali is sure to inspire you whenever you see it in your living space.

Movie/TV stills

Movie/TV stills

Bring a bit of culture into your home with a canvas print of your favourite movie or TV stills.

Can't get enough of the visuals in Breaking Bad? Neither can we. Check out our collection of incredible stills revitalised as digital artworks and printed on canvas now.

We also offer amazing images of Al Pacino, Marilyn Monroe, Peaky Blinders, and more.

Urban art design

Check out our range of urban art coming straight from the artists. We offer reinterpretations of Banksy as well as other iconic pieces that have been tailored to the unique style of some Kiwi artists.

Personalised canvas prints

If you bring in an image that you want us to print, we can make it happen. Whether there is a famous artwork you want to see in your own house or you have taken a photograph that you are especially proud of, we are sure it will look amazing when printed on canvas.

The advantages of having wall art in your home

Having something to decorate your walls makes your home feel lived in and loved. Without art, empty walls are a sign of boredom. So, show your house pride and hang up a canvas print from Art Canvas!

Transform your boredom into creativity by putting some art on your walls. With the right decorations, you can express your style and taste and ultimately live better.

Let us take you through some of why we love providing wall art to our customers.

It grabs your attention

wall art in your home

Having a focal point in your living space is a key component of interior design. Anyone visiting your home for the first time will either see an empty wall or a great piece of art - which camp do you want to be in?

Our team at Art Canvas NZ would be happy to help you choose an artwork that goes well with the furniture and general decor in your space. Wall art will get rid of any boredom in your space and make it feel more dynamic.

It brings life to your space

While you might not think art has that much of an impact on how you live your life, it actually can make a big difference to your subconscious mind. Any kind of interesting artwork will motivate you to expand your imagination and creativity because you know that time, effort, and skill went into its making.

With images of some of the world's most famous modern-day creative minds such as The Weeknd and athletes such as Kobe Bryant, you can subconsciously bring motivation towards greatness to your everyday routine.

It encourages conversation

Art has the ability to wordlessly express who you are to others. That is because every artwork tells a story, so when you get a framed canvas print to hang on your wall, you are sending a message to everyone that views it about your values.

Whether people comment on it or not, every guest you have will see your wall art - and that will be a factor in the connections you make with your visitors.

It stimulates emotion

Want to cheer yourself up after a bad day, remember some fond moments in your life or inspire you to do something different? Then add some wall art to your home decor. There is something about images that we love that transport us out of where we are currently and take us somewhere different, allowing us to think in new ways.

Here at Art Canvas NZ, that kind of feeling is what we are passionate about. No wonder we are so dedicated to providing our customers with amazing service.

It reminds you of the possibilities in your life

Seeing a great piece of wall art is an inspiring feeling because it showcases some of the best that people can offer. The fact that people put their time into what brings them joy is what sparks inspiration in many people.

Get amazing service with Art Canvas NZ

When you buy a piece of wall art from us at Art Canvas to add to your home decor, you are sure to be impressed by what we offer. Even some of our best sellers come at low prices - so you don't have to pay an exorbitant amount of money to get a great addition to the decor in your room.

Ready to make your first order? Check out our online store or give our team a call today!