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Canvas Printing Auckland

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Looking for canvas printing in Auckland? At Art Canvas NZ, we provide an exceptional canvas printing service. Check out our collection to find out what is making hundreds of happy customers.

Canvas print service Auckland

Canvas Printing Auckland

We offer museum-quality canvas prints made right here in New Zealand. When you get printing done with us, you get a range of different options for the outcome that you want to see. We offer:

  • Basic canvas prints
  • Personalised digital drawings
  • A collection of artworks
  • Kids' canvases

All our canvases are made of cotton and stretched across a New Zealand pine wood frame. With us, you can get your favourite photos immortalised as framed canvas prints, or you can buy an amazing piece of digital art to add some funky decorations to your home.

Framed canvas prints of your family

If you are searching for a way to hold on to your favourite family moments forever, your family portraits will look amazing when printed on canvas.

You have the option of getting your favourite photo of your family printed as it is or having it stylised by our digital artists. Our online shop is easy to use - just search through our personalised canvas prints and wall art to get an idea of what is possible!

Your home will look amazing with your cherished memories on display. Here at Art Canvas, we know how important these life moments are to you - so we make sure to offer the best prices to our customers.

In exchange for a small cost, you get a photo canvas made with high quality materials, all set with a hanging kit and gallery wrapped, ready for display. Each of our canvas prints is of such premium quality that it will last you a lifetime.

A great display for your home

Canvas print service Auckland

When you buy a canvas print from us, you will have a fantastic looking family photo or digital artwork to hang in your living space. Size is no issue here at Art Canvas - you can customise the size you want if you talk to us. Whether you want a display of multiple portraits where each image has a different shape or size or you would rather have a huge panoramic frame stretching across your living room wall, we can work out the best solution for you.

Enjoy a gorgeous backdrop honouring your family, paying homage to a favourite artist, celebrating your favourite moments or anything that suits your taste and style.

Quality canvas prints Christmas and birthdays

Canvas prints make great gifts. A popular choice by some of our customers has been to get family photos and memories printed on canvas and given to loved ones.

Perhaps one or both of your parents would love a portrait of you and your siblings. Maybe you could get a print of your wedding day for your partner. There are so many choices available and you are sure to delight whoever receives photo gifts from you.

We have received more than a few reviews saying that what we do has been received as the "best Christmas gifts ever." So if you are stumped on what to get your loved one, step up your gift game by getting them a canvas print.

Bring your favourite photos to life

If you want to elevate the look of your photographs that you want us to print, we have digital artists who can make it happen. We offer free minor editing for basic canvas prints - so talk to us about any light touch-ups you would like.

Our artists can complete digital drawings of the people in your images and we charge based on the size and number of people in the image. Take a look at our catalogue and let us know what you would like us to do for you and find out about our exclusive offers.

A family heirloom

Having canvas prints in your home signifies the things you value. Investing in a canvas print - whatever image you may choose - adds a lot to your wall decor. So if you want a family photo, a timeline of your school photos, vintage pictures of your ancestors or anything to do with your family, that showcases the fact how much you value your family.

Our process

Framed canvas prints of your family

Canvas prints are created by using machines to stamp photos and digital artworks onto a canvas. What is special about it is that it makes any photograph or piece of digital art look as good as a painting on a canvas.


Our team will consult with you about what image you want us to print and - if we are making digital art out of it - we will make sure you love the image before we take it from the screen to the canvas.  When we get the go-ahead from you, we will print the image and stretch it across a pine frame.

The frame

You get to choose how large you want your canvas and whether you would prefer it on a square or rectangle frame. The square canvas shape is getting more popular because people love the Instagram-style shape, but if you prefer a classic canvas shape - a rectangular photo is always a good choice.

Your photos as art

We use a panoramic wrap technique when we wrap the pictures around the frames. That means the sides of the image get stretched around the edges, making your canvas print appear as if it is lifting off the wall.

Unlike posters, canvas prints have a great three-dimensional effect that will make your own photos feel like sculptures.

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