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Here at Art Canvas NZ, we can elevate your home decor with our canvas prints. We provide museum-quality canvas printing, all made in New Zealand. No matter what your favourite art style is, we can provide you with premium, printed canvas artwork that suits your tastes.

Photo Canvas NZ

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In our collection, we offer canvas prints from local artists of sports and music superstars as well as iconic stills from movies and TV shows. Take a look through our Kiddie Collection if you want to style your child's bedroom. We also provide custom prints with free minor editing, allowing you to make those special moments and memories in your life last forever.

Canvas prints for life

If you want canvas prints that will last you a lifetime, choose Art Canvas. We work with Kiwi brands and artists to bring gorgeous art to NZ homes. Our professional team will get the print you want to be done right, using the best quality inks and materials to minimise fading over time. While delivering the highest quality, we also offer all the latest deals - so you get great art at an affordable price.

Customised images

When you work with us, you get the flexibility of being able to edit the image as much as you like. Whether you want to Photoshop out a stranger in your engagement photo or dramatise your epic Kobe print, we can make it happen. Using design and photo editing software, we can make the changes you hope to see - brightening colours, adding visual effects, enhancing focal points, and more.

Getting creative

One of our more popular offerings is to cartoon-ify your portraits, adding a sleek, edgy, and modern element to your favourite family photos. Our team will make sure you love the image, tailoring it in any way you require to make sure it is perfect for you. When you approve of the drafts, then we will create your wall art.

A canvas print is easy to frame

Our wall art comes stretched across a canvas frame using a mirrored edge, giving the image a boxed effect that lifts it from the wall and pleases the eye. Unlike painted canvas, the ink in our art prints is fairly durable. So we can easily deliver perfectly framed artworks every time.

Displaying your artwork

wall art nz

If you want to take it a step further, prints on canvas look excellent with a frame around them as well. Getting custom framing done on your artwork will bring it to a standard that would fit in at any art gallery. Putting your canvas behind glass is entirely optional. One of the biggest benefits of using canvas is that it is easy to clean and does not need that much protection from the elements. If it gets dusty, you can easily just wipe it down.

Bringing life to photos with canvas

Printing photos on canvas brings a unique and interesting effect to the images thanks to the quality of the material. The texture of canvas and the specialised colours that we use in our printers elevates every detail in your photo whilst bringing a slight three-dimensionality to the artwork.

Sleek matte finish

Another fantastic advantage of using canvas for your print is that your photo will have no glare. Whether you frame it behind glass or not, a printed photo on paper will reflect light in some places, making it difficult to find the perfect place to put it. However, even a canvas behind glass will look great from all angles. We recommend that you hang your canvas wall art in a room that has yellow light if you want to enhance every colour in the image. However, it will look great in brightly lit spaces as well.

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We provide canvas artwork printing at the highest quality while giving our customers all the latest deals straight from our collection. Are you ready to create an art gallery in your own home? Our products make great gifts for birthdays and Christmases - available at the best prices. Shop online now or get in touch with us today and save!

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