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Do you love the movie Blood In Blood Out? Then you should get a Vatos Locos poster on a canvas print with Art Canvas NZ.

We supply museum quality canvas prints designed and made by artists right here in New Zealand. Our digital art is printed on strong, durable cotton canvas and stretched across an NZ pine frame.

Chicano brothers and vatos locos canvas

Vatos Locos

The term "vatos locos" is slang for crazy brothers in English, among the primarily Mexican communities around the United States. While that is the original language term for it, the phrase has expanded to describe the names of some small gangs around the United States, Mexico, and all the way up to Canada.

If you love to follow movies set on the streets where people have to go through intense hardships to continue on with life, then Vatos Locos is a great poster to choose.

Blood In Blood Out, 1993

Blood In Blood Out is a hugely popular film that explores the theme of Chicano brothers who are bound together by their experiences living on the streets and being forced to navigate life in an East LA street gang. The film is set in and was filmed in Los Angeles, making East LA feel very vivid.

Many of us will not have seen this movie at the cinema - probably only at home on TV. Still, it remains very popular today and holds up among some of the most classic gang movies over the years.

The poster based on this concept that we offer here at Art Canvas NZ is a great digital artwork of the main characters in Blood In Blood Out.

Vatos Locos, 2010

Considered by some to be a sequel to Blood In Blood Out, Vatos Locos is a 2010 film about a pair of Chicano brothers called Raul and Esteban. Raul and Esteban lose their father to violence, get cast out on the streets, and have to learn how to survive a life of organised crime.

If you enjoyed Blood In Blood Out, you might like this interpretation too - although almost every review about it did not quite match up to the reception of the 1993 version.

Decorating with movie posters

Here at Art Canvas NZ, we offer a wide range of movie and TV show prints on canvas. If you are a movie enthusiast, you won't want to miss out on the chance to get your favourite characters immortalised and stylised in an impressive piece of digital art.

When you order a canvas print from us here at Art Canvas, you might not know what to do with your image until you receive it. But it is definitely worth planning where you will put it in advance.

Let us take you through a few things to consider when you decide to decorate with prints of your favourite movies.

Think about the size

Blood In Blood Out

Where you put your print will depend on its proportion compared to the wall. We offer a few different size options that you can click on when using our browser ordering system.

So - the size will depend on how prominent you want the image to be when you first enter the room. Consider how big your walls are before we send you your new artwork!

Colour match

The colours in your print will look especially good if you match them to the existing content in the room. For example, our Vatos Locos image has a lot of black, green, and grey-blue. So if you have plants, dark furniture, and something blue in the space, you can feel confident that those colours will work together.

A good colour combination is the best way to please the eye when you enter a space.

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