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Looking for canvas prints and wall art prints? Come to Art Canvas NZ to get your photography and favourite artworks printed perfectly and displayed in your home.

We are a Kiwi company offering museum-quality canvas printing. Get your favourite photos and pictures customised and preserved for life as an artwork.

Get your favourite images as wall art prints NZ

Canvas Prints NZ

As well as getting any photographs of yours printed for you, we also offer a range of fantastic images of music and sports legends, along with movie and TV show stills. Designed and stylised by New Zealand artists, you can add a bit of culture to your home with these on display.

All our digital artworks come framed, gallery wrapped, and ready to hang as canvas prints. Check out our ready-made canvas prints online to stay up to date with our exclusive offers and new arrivals.

Benefits of prints on canvas

There are so many benefits you can enjoy by going for photo canvas as your material of choice. Let us take you through all the reasons why you will love having canvas prints in your house.

No shine

One of the greatest advantages of getting your favourite photo immortalised as a canvas print is the fact that photo canvas does not give off a glare when placed in a bright room. Ordinary photos and posters can look great but their placement is significantly inhibited by their tendency to shine too much in sunny spots. That can get in the way of even being able to see the image the way it was originally taken.

However, our canvas prints at Art Canvas NZ have a gloss-free, matte finish. That makes them perfect for display in the brighter areas in your house.

Any style you like

wall art prints NZ

Canvas is a timeless material that can work with any interior design style you have going on in your decor. Because the material works with anything, you can get any kind of image you prefer printed and ready for your walls. So whether you want your own photos, text or a Bansky print, you can get that sorted as canvas prints.

The versatility of canvas prints also makes them great gifts for birthdays and Christmases. Capture your favourite moments with your loved ones as photo gifts - it will always go down a treat.

An affordable option

It is the nature of art to be pricey at times - but it does not always have to be that way. Here at Art Canvas NZ, we offer canvas prints at the best prices. When you choose us, you can get museum-quality canvas prints at a small cost.

By going for canvas prints, you can get your favourite cultural moment, a photograph of your own or even an art print in your own home for a far more accessible price than normal art.

Any size you want

When you get a custom canvas print with Art Canvas NZ, you can choose from a huge range of different sizes. That makes it easier to get the print to look exactly as you want it. If you want, you can get a super-sized Tupac poster in your living room or a group of family photos all at different sizes.

Your photos will look amazing on canvas

Whether you spend a lot of time dabbling in photography or have just happened to take a few great photos in your time, great results are worth displaying as canvas prints!

Almost every kind of photo you take will look amazing as canvas prints. The only exception to this rule is photos where people look small - as the texture of the canvas can make fine facial features look pixellated.

In the following cases, however, photos look great as canvas prints:

prints on canvas

  • Architecture shots - including cityscapes, buildings, and street views
  • Black and white photography
  • Pastel/desaturated colouring
  • Any image with high contrast
  • Landscapes, panoramic wide shots
  • Any image with low contrast
  • Macro photography
  • Portrait photos - including candids of your loved ones
  • Saturated pieces with lush colour contrast
  • Pictures of wildlife

Digital art looks great

If you want a new picture on your wall but don't have a regular photo ready to go, what we offer here at Art Canvas NZ is high-quality prints stylised by some great local artists and designers. You can get famous pictures of iconic musicians, sportspeople, and characters from the screen recreated as great looking digital artworks.

Long-lasting and durable

Our canvases, inks, and frames, are all made to last. We use cotton canvas instead of cheap polyester to ensure the longevity of our products. That way, you can spend less time worrying about the piece warping or tearing.


Digital art looks great

Compared to printing on paper, aluminium, and other smooth surfaces, canvas prints have a weave to the fabric that brings a great texture to your display. That weave serves to bring more visual interest to your canvas prints and also helps lift them off the wall, giving them a fresco-like, three-dimensional effect.

3-D effect

Another contributor to this three-dimensional effect that canvas prints offer is the fact that we mirror-wrap each piece around the frame. To wrap an artwork this way is to give it a panoramic quality, as the edges of the canvas print go over the frame's sides and corners.

Working with the edges in this panoramic way visually lifts the canvas print off the wall, serving to add dynamism and a bit of fun to your space.

Choose your proportions

You have the option of getting a classic canvas using rectangular photo proportions or a square canvas if you prefer Instagram-style formatting. When you work with us, your canvas print is fully customisable - all you have to do is give us a photo and we will get it all ready for your walls.

Art Canvas NZ is who you should call!

Do you have a photo that you would love to display on your wall? When you choose Art Canvas, we will provide you with canvas prints using high quality materials to make your photo gifts look amazing.

We offer free shipping in Australia and New Zealand. Give us a call today!