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Different Types Of Canvas Prints You Can Decorate Your Home With

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Canvas art is beautiful, versatile and perfect for any modern home in the world. These prints are a great way to bring art into your home and create a museum-like display. Did you know that there are multiple kinds of canvases you can purchase?

You can use these types of canvas prints to make creative and awe-inspiring displays in your home. Why settle for just one when you can make your own art installation out of your favourite pieces?

Art lovers and interior design enthusiasts are sure to love how much variety there is in canvas prints.

The Various Types Of Canvas Prints That You Can Purchase For Your Home

So, what kind of canvas art prints can you purchase?

Some of the most common and beloved types of canvas prints are:

Standard Art Prints. Standard art prints are canvas prints that are printed with already created art. You can find canvas prints of pretty much any subject you can think of, from animals to pop icons. We recommend browsing through your options to see what stands out.

Looking through these types of canvas prints is fun and exciting because you can find photos for any of your interests, and you can make your home more ‘you’ by displaying them on high-quality canvas prints.

Custom Art Prints. Need something a bit more personal? Consider custom canvas art prints. These are exactly what they sound like - canvas wall art prints created with custom images.

Do you have any favourite family photos? Have them transformed into art with custom printing. You don’t have to just get the original image, either; you can have them digitally touched up to remove imperfections or apply awesome techniques to make them look more like works of art.

We all have family photos, but not everyone has gorgeous canvas prints created from those photos. Turn your favourite photos into canvas prints and wow your loved ones.

Small Prints. Canvas prints come in a good range of sizes, including small prints. Small prints are smaller canvas prints that go well when paired with other decorations or small canvas prints. Naturally, smaller prints tend to be less expensive than larger ones.

Large Prints. As opposed to smaller prints, large prints are big and can often be big enough to be used as a wall’s focal point. These prints go well on their own, or can be surrounded by smaller photos that complement the large print.

Innovative Ways You Can Display Your Prints.

As you can see, you have a few great options for what types of canvas art prints you get. But once you get them, how are you going to display them?

You could hang one up and be done with it, or you can take it to the next level by:

Many small prints can be arranged together to create a lovely display. You can bunch the small photos together, arrange them in a line, put them in a square and so on. Don’t be afraid to get creative; you never know what will look best until you try something new.

We recommend arranging your canvases on a flat surface before you hang them up on your wall. This way, you can easily move around the canvas art prints and determine your ideal arrangement without worrying about attaching and reattaching them to the wall.

Using Large Prints As Focal Points And Surrounding Them With Other Decor. As mentioned, large prints make for amazing decor focal points. You can get a very large print of an image you love, and then surround it with other pieces of wall decor to complement the large image.

Surrounding Large Prints With Many Small Prints. Or, you could surround your large wall print with other, smaller prints. You can stick with an image theme to make the grouping make more sense, or you can even stick with a colour scheme to make the look more pleasing.

Creating Your Own Gallery Wall. Do you love art and art installations? Make your own gallery wall using canvas art prints. You can do this by getting many prints and displaying them all on the same wall.

Remember to space them out in a way that’s even and looks visually pleasing. Like any other time you group canvases together, you should stick with a theme so that the whole look is cohesive and aesthetically lovely.

For example, you could go with a nature theme, get photos of animals you love or even get many custom prints of your best family photos.

Where You Can Buy Your Very Own Canvas Prints In New Zealand

Art Canvas NZ is your place to go for some of the best canvas art prints in New Zealand. We have a lovely selection of canvas sizes, including the ones mentioned in this article.

If you want art that’s truly special, consider getting custom prints from us. We can take any photo you like and turn it into art.

If you have any questions, you can reach our team at +64220747246

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