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5 Easy Ways To Hang Canvas Art In Your Home

Canvas art is one of the best ways you can decorate your home. They’re durable, beautiful and will last for years if you maintain them correctly. Of course, buying your stunning new wall art isn’t enough; you must also learn how to properly and safely hang them up in your home.

Improperly hanging your art can result in them falling, potentially harming the art itself or whatever was underneath it. So, how exactly do you prepare your home for your new canvas wall art, and what are the easiest ways to hang them up?

What To Do Before You Hang Your Wall Art

Canvas art is unique and special. Therefore, you shouldn’t just order some and then put it up in the first place you think of. Instead, take some time before you receive your art to figure out the best place to put it and how you want to hang it.

canvas art

Thinking about these things beforehand can save you time and help you make the best decision possible. Before you start to put up some hooks or nails, consider the following:

How Many Canvases Will You Get? Are you getting just one special canvas print, or do you want a couple? If you get just one, you most likely have a good idea of where you want it. But if you get several, you should take some time to think about if you want all of your canvas art pieces to have a central theme or if you’re okay with getting whatever you want.

How Will You Arrange Them? Next, consider where you would like to place your canvases. Are you going to put one in each room, or do you want to make a grand display of all of your gorgeous new art? You should experiment with your canvas placement before you hammer up any nails or put up adhesive strips.

What looks good in your mind might not always look great in real life, so take a moment to arrange your canvases on a table or the floor to see what they’ll look like in person. Placement plays a big part in making decor look good and make sense.

Do You Need To Clear Up Wall Space For Them? Canvas art can come in various sizes, from small and simple to large and magnificent. Look at the spot where you plan on hanging up your stunning new art. Does it need to be cleared or dusted? You might want to clean your wall before your new art is hung.

5 Simple Ways To Hang Canvases On Your Walls

Once you know exactly how you want to put up your art, it’s now time to figure out what hanging methods you’d like to use. Luckily, you have some good choices, so you can select one that fits your needs.

Five of the most common ways people hang canvas art are:

Nails. This is probably the very first thing people think of when they need to hang up a photo or a canvas. You must correctly mark where you want to hang your canvas so you don’t make any mistakes. Then, when you hammer your nail into the wall, make sure it’s securely in the wall but always leave enough of it sticking out so that your canvas can properly take hold.

Eye Hooks. Consider eye hooks if you would like to use a bit more hardware when you hang your art. You can put two hooks into the frame of your canvas without damaging the art, string some wire between the two hooks and then hang your canvas on a nail on the wall.

Sawtooth Brackets. This is a very popular way to hang decorative canvas art. Once you correctly screw it into your canvas’s frame, then you can put a hanging hook on the wall and hang it up.

J-Hooks. These hooks are ideal for larger canvases. You’ll need at least two to hang up your art correctly. When you attach them to the wall, always take precautions to ensure that they align correctly so that your canvas doesn’t end up crooked.

Adhesive Strips. Would you rather not hammer things into your wall? If so, adhesive strips are the way to go. Make sure you get strips that can support the weight of your canvas. Naturally, your canvas art’s weight will vary depending on its size.

Where You Can Get Beautiful Custom Wall Art For Your New Zealand Home

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